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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees

Monthly Plants

For SELF-WATERING plants (marked with purple heart on map):

- Take off the almond-shaped covering on top of pot.

- Pour water in pot until it is full.

- Place cover back on.

- You do NOT need to pour water in the dirt or on the plant. The plant soaks up water from the pot!

- These directions are the same for bigger and smaller self-watering plants.


All self-watering plants are upstairs in the Butler Pavilion. 

  • One is by itself on the back border of the room
  • Nine are surrounding the bamboo plant in the middle of the room

Weekly Plants

For SMALLER plants (Marked with red star on map):

- Water until the soil looks completely wet. Depending on size (small or medium) it can be anywhere from half a watering can to 3/4ths.

- Do NOT use a full watering can for all the smaller plants- we don't want to drown them! 


  • 3 by the fireplace
  • 1 on the right side of the information desk
  • 3 on the left window entering the lower Butler Pavilion


  • 5 on the right as you enter the Butler Pavilion in front of a window (next to a study carrel) 
  • 14 underneath the tree on the right side of Butler Pavilion

For BIGGER plants (Marked with green X on map):

- Use at least two full watering cans once a week.


  • 1 in lower Butler Pavilion, near windows.


  • 1 in Center of Butler Pavilion (Bamboo plant- likes a lot of water, make sure you water the roots)
  • 1 Tree to the right of Butler Pavilion 
  • 1 to the left of Butler Pavilion

Plant Maps