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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees


  • Faculty, staff, and students will request books to be put on hold.
  • Holds arise when a patron requests a checked out item or when a faculty member has requested us to order a specific item. 
  • When the item is returned/checked in at the Information Desk, OCLC will indicate that there's a hold on the item and who it's for.
  • If you check in a book that's on hold,
    • Grab a blue bookmark from the file holder to the left of the computer. Write the patron's name and hold to date (1 week from when you check in the book), and place it on the Hold Shelf (second shelf on blue cart).
  • ***Note that material on the hold shelves has not yet been checked out to the patron who placed the hold; it must be checked out to the patron.

Pull List

1. Check the Reports tab under Circulation in WMS.

2. Click on Pull List.

3. Note any books waiting to be put on hold. It is helpful to write down the title and call number before checking the stacks for the book.

4. Locate the book on the shelves in the stacks.

5. Check the book in OCLC. This will send out the notification to the patron that their book is ready to pick up.

6. Use the blue bookmark in the file holder to write down the hold until date (1 week) and the patron name.

7. Place the book on the second shelf on the blue book cart. 

*** Note: these items still need to be checked out to the patron when they arrive.***