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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees

Emergency Response

  • In case of a serious emergency: dial 911 first!
  • In case of a campus emergency: call Campus Safety (extension: 4710).
  • If needed, call:
    • Circulation Manager next.
    • Library Technologist if CM is unreachable.
    • Librarians if both CM and LT are unreachable.
    • Library Director (Nancy) if all of the above are unreachable.
  •  See Emergency Plan red binder (under the Information Desk) for additional Emergency Response Plan actions.


  • Typically the intercom is to be used only for making the closing announcements (see How to Close the Library).
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, use the intercom to make announcements as needed.
    • Scripts are posted above the microphone.  To use the intercom, flip the switch on the black box to “on,” hold down the large gray button on the microphone, and speak into it.  

Safety Concern

If a public patron is somehow let into the building after staff hours, tell them they need to come back during staff hours from 8-5. 

  • If they don’t leave and become agitated, tell them you need to “call someone for help” because you "don’t have the authority to help."
  • Call campus safety and say:
    • “Hi, this is the library. We have a public patron here, and I can’t help them. Can you come over and help?”
  • If you feel unsafe walking home from a late shift, you may request that campus safety walk you to your dorm/car – they won’t do it unless you ask.
  • Do not provide any personal information to public patrons. If someone is making you uncomfortable you don’t have to give them correct information. Nobody outside of campus patrons need to know your name. 
  • Nobody outside library staff and student workers should be given your schedule either. If someone you don’t know asks for your schedule you shouldn’t give it to them. You can tell them you normally only work weekday mornings or another time when staff is present and can deal with the issue.
    • Also don’t give out other students’ schedules. If someone asks, “what time does ____ work?” You should tell them you’re not allowed to give out schedules or that you only know your own schedule.

****Please Note: this is in a case of emergency where a patron is belligerent and NOT a normal patron interaction -- in a normal patron interaction they should leave when asked.

Response to a Threat by Phone

  • If you receive a threatening phone call or other threat while working inside the library, call Campus Safety. 
  • Make sure to also directly inform your supervisor if a threat takes place. 
  • Fill out the Response to a Threat by Phone form, located in the accordion folder beneath the Information Desk.

Report Incident -- Incident Log

Safety comes first, but once an incident is finished:

  • Report an incident that is reported to or witnessed by a student worker during their Information Desk shift by filling out the Incident Log.
  • Also place a note on the Circulation Manager's desk letting them know you submitted an incident report.