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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees

Check In

1. Open OCLC WorldShare (WMS).

2. Sign in with the Circulation account/password.

  • This should be saved to the computer, but it is also in the black binder under the Information Desk.

3. Click on the Circulation tab at the top of the screen.

4. Click on Check In on the left menu.

5. Click the white search box beside Item Barcode:.

6. Use the scanner to the left of the computer to scan the McGraw-Page Library barcode on the back of the book. The barcode will NOT be on the dust jacket- it will be on the actual cover of the book.

7. Check the Action tab on the right. If checked in, it should read Reshelve. 

8. Place the Reshelve book on the shelves located by the back wall behind the Information Desk according to call number on the spine of the book.


**Scan all items for damage. If they are damaged, put them on Kayla's desk with a note.**

Shelving Locations

The Reshelving location can be any of the following:

Normal books

  • When they get turned in, put them on the reshelving wall according to call number
  • Remove any post-its or other paper inserted in the books and unfold any folded or dog-eared pages noted. If the book is severely damaged, place it on Kayla's desk with a note.


  • Do not place with normal books to get reshelved upstairs- Shelf for Pop books is on the bottom right. They get reshelved on the shelves across from the 24/7 room.


  • Children's/Juvenile books also have their own shelf on the bottom. They get shelved in the JUV area past the 24/7 room.


  • Put on Kayla's desk with a note.


  • Put in yellow ILL basket underneath circ desk. 


  • Any books that are published by R-MC faculty members will be marked with a yellow jacket sticker on the spine above the call number. These books can be put on the bottom shelf for reshelving and should be reshelved in the faculty book area across from POP.


  • Across from the Circ Desk. Shelved according to language by Dewey Decimal.