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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees

Book Scanner

Book Scanner:

Instructions on the use of the book scanner are located with the scanner. Patrons can follow the prompts for use. 

  • To wake up the scanner TAP on the lower screen.
    • Response is SLOW- keep tapping and be patient
  • Place item in scanning cradle. Adjusts from the bottom.
  • Touch scan.
  • Click accept & scan.
  • Click scan. Turn the page, touch scan…
  • When complete
    • First: email a copy to yourself! You do not want to accidently lose the file you just scanned. Fill in your email address to receive a copy of the PDF. 
    • You may also save to a USB drive that you bring yourself.


Problems with the scanner should be reported.

  • If available, check with Brian.
  • If not available/after staff hours, and the program doesn’t open, you can put an out-of-order sign up.