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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees

How to Check Out Books

1. Open OCLC WorldShare (WMS).

2. Sign in with the Circulation account/password.

  • This should be saved to the computer, but it is also in the black binder under the Information Desk.

3. Click on the Circulation tab at the top of the screen.

4. Click on Assist Patrons from the menu on the left.

5. Click the search box under Enter barcode.

6. Ask the patron to tap their ID code on the scanner to the left of the computer.

7. Click the white search box under Enter barcode when the patron's page comes up.

8. Use the scanner to the left of the computer to scan the McGraw-Page Library barcode on the back of the book. If the book has a dust jacket, the barcode will be on the actual cover- not the jacket.

9. Double check that the book title generated in the system. It will display at the top of the results of items checked out to the patron.

10. Hand the book to the patron and inform them of the due date. 

11. Close the patron borrower page by clicking the X next to their name under the search button on the left menu.


**Note: You still need to check out holds and ILL books to patrons!**

How to Check Out Media and Laptops

Repeat the steps above. 

  • Note for laptops and media equipment: patrons MUST fill out the Laptop and Media Check Out Form once per semester.
    • This form is located online via the QR code on the front of the yellow folder. Paper copies are in the folder.


  • 3 day laptops (Located in back left closet) need to be checked out with the charger (unplug from rack) and laptop bag (located under the laptop shelf in the closet).
  • Short-term (5 hour laptops, located in back right black cabinet) do NOT come with a charger. If a student needs a charger, they should check out the 3 day laptop.


  • For makerspace tools without a barcode use the media form in the makerspace to do a paper check out. 

Borrowing Policies

Loan Periods

Loan periods vary depending on both the type of user and the type of material being borrowed, as shown in the following table:

Material Type Student/Consortium Faculty, Staff, Retiree Community User
Books Four (4) Weeks
Honor students: eight (8) weeks
Academic Semester
Four (4) Weeks


Four (4) Weeks Four (4) Weeks Two (2) Weeks
DVD films Three (3) Days
(Limit three (3))
Three (3) Days
(Limit three (3))
Three (3) Days
(Limit one (1))


See Equipment for loan See Equipment for loan N/A
  • Other materials may be checked out in consultation with Library staff.

Policy Exceptions

  • Note: sometimes patrons (typically faculty) need an item for longer than the automatic due date. Exceptions can be made, but this does not apply to reserve items! 
  • To extend a check out period:
    • 1. Click the check box beside the item Title.
    • 2. Click Change Due Date.
    • 3. Choose the due date using the calendar icon.
    • 4. Click select and ok.
    • 5. Click Acknowledge to approve the override. 
    • 6. When the supervisor approval pops up, use the Circulation sign in to acknowledge the override.