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Information Desk Student Worker Guide

Operating Procedures for Information Desk Student Employees


Course reserves are supplemental class materials (e.g., books, DVDs) that are maintained on the shelves behind the Information Desk.

  • Books, DVDs, CDs, and many other types of materials can be put on reserve. 
  • Most reserves items check out for 2 hours. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis (e.g., a 2.5 hour long film will check out for 3 hours).
  • Reserve items MAY NOT leave the library.
  • Portable DVD players and headphones are available for checkout to facilitate viewing DVDs.
  • Library copier/scanners can be used to make personal copies of reserve materials in compliance with current copyright guidance.
  • Professors may check out their own reserve items for longer than the designated periods and may remove them from the library for use in class.  When a professor is checking out reserve material for longer than the designated period, make sure to manually adjust the checkout period in WMS.  Some professors send a student to pick these up. Check them out to the faculty member’s account. 
  • When checking out a Reserves item, be sure to tell the student the time due, and emphasize that the materials are to be used in the library only.
  • It is important that Reserves items are discharged as soon as they are returned. 

Placing Reserves

Accepting material to be placed on Reserve

  • During weekday hours, if someone submits an item to be placed on Reserve, refer the matter to Library staff.
  • During evening or weekend hours, if someone submits an item to be placed on Reserve, he/she must write a note indicating the professor’s name, course number, and page numbers when applicable.   
    • Place the reserves note on the Circulation Manager's desk.